Do you know what 2020 will bring to you…?

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Do you recognize this thought? “What will this year bring me?” How are your thoughts about the new year? One way of looking at this question is that you have little influence on what will happen. Another way of looking is being aware that you are capable, to a large extent, to create your year, your life. I have been very much aware of the latter since I came across the Passion Test in 2013. Through a very simple and yet profound tool I came to see what my most important life goals are. And I learned (by training, doing and overcoming obstacles) that I can create much more than I ever thought possible. You may have heard from the Law of Attraction: every thing you pay your attention to grows. In fact it has been my drive for a very long time without knowing what it was. A law that exists just like the law of gravity . My mother always used to point that out about me: “What Clara wants, she gets.” Another example. When I worked as a travel agent I was always activated by clients who wanted to go somewhere and everything was fully booked. It inspired me to actions that always resulted in what the client (and I) wanted.

How does the Law of Attraction work and what do you need?

The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. In basic terms, all thoughts turn into things eventually.
What you need is total clarity on what you want for your life, including your work, your business.
Clarity on what you want to achieve leads to a clear vision of how your life looks like when you live that life. You can see it, feel it and it ignites inspired actions that lead you to results.

How I got clarity on my ideal life and how the Law of Attraction materialized this?

In 2013 I came across the Passion Test. A very simple and yet profound method to get clarity on my life purpose and how to create this life every day again and again.
One of my (5) Passions was to support people to find and live their passions. As a monitoringpoint (that shows me I am living this passion) I wrote down: “I am delivering Passion Test Workshops to expats in Dubai.” I had not been in Dubai and I did not have any contacts in Dubai who could lead to this. I know however why I choosed this target group. I can image that living as a spouse of a mobile employee in Dubai can be challenging. I can imagine that after settling down the question pops up “And what do I want with my life here?”
After 2013 I took actions to realize this intention. Sometimes actions brought me one small step closer; other actions did not lead to anything. No matter what the results was: the actions where always inspired and inspiring. I knew what I wanted (Intention) and I took action (Attention) without being attached tot he outcome (NO Tension).
And all of a sudden, at a moment that I did not expect anything like this to happen, I came into contact with the right person. This person connected me with another right person and within one month I delivered my first workshop in Dubai!

Get clear on what you want 2020 to bring to you!

What would it be like if the Passion Test provided you with a GPS that would lead you to a brilliant 2020? And not only this year; all days and years for the rest of your life.
Clarity leads to focus and focus leads to result. If you know where to focus on you can use it in case of any decission, choice or possibility you are facing.
That is my compass through life.
Is it always a smooth journey? No, obstacles are everywhere. Even in an inspired life AND I learned to deal with them.

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