1 Hour Free Webinar Create your ideal life after this worldwide crisis!

the 16th of July 2020
14.00 - 15.00 CET

Worldwide we are going through a challenging period. A lot of uncertainty makes people feel unsecure and unsafe.
How about using this time as a time for reflection. A lot of us are (or work) at home and we have more spare time than ever. 

In this free webinar I will share with you some tools on how to create your ideal life, using this time to reflect what really matters to you!

By the end of this 1 Hour:

  • you will have clarity about what the Passion Test is;

  • how you can apply it to your life’s passions;

  • the opportunity to use this special periode as a chance to transform your life!

How to find out about your passions and register now for this FREE 1 Hours Webinar?


9.30  PM Gulf Standard Time United Arab Emirates Time


1 Hour Free Webinar How to engage our expat employees?

the 15th of July 2020

08.00 - 09.00 CET

Worldwide we are going through a challenging period. It affects everyone of us and it may affect your expat employees even more.

How are their loved ones at home doing? Will they be seeing them again soon?

And what if things at their home away from home are not working well. Because their spousse if feeling home sick or is not feeling fullfilled with his or her life?

All kinds of challenges that may distract them from their work and feeling disengaged.

In this Webinar I will show HR Managers and CEO’s how a simple tool as the Passion Test can provide expats and their spouses to create a fullfilled life away from home.

I will give you an idea how the Passion Test works, what results you may expect from it and in what ways you can support and facilitate your employees to improve their engagement and results.

You can register by sending in the Contact Form on this website. You will receive a Zoom Link to participate.



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